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Lab News & Updates


We are excited to welcome Griffin Lowry and Jimena Ortiz-Paniagua to the lab! 


Yesterday marked a milestone as we celebrated UNC Dental School's 40th Annual Research Day! Huge congratulations to all the brilliant minds who showcased their outstanding research projects and to those who received well-deserved awards! 🏆


We are excited to announce that Dr. Jacox will be speaking at the AAO Annual Session in New Orleans. Join us on May 4th as Dr. Jacox takes the stage at the World’s Greatest Celebration of Orthodontics.


NEW PUBLICATION! We just published our results on the influence of dentofacial deformities on consonant pronunciation measured by multitaper spectrum analysis. Check it out here.


We are excited to welcome Victoria Sears, Samridhi Arora, Noor Dar, Lily Steinhilber, and Elizabeth Kay to the lab! 


Big welcome to Kasey Linton who joined the lab as our new research coordinator! We are so excited to onboard Kasey and have her join our team.


Dr. Babikow has been honored with the 2024 Thomas M Graber Award of Special Merit by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Big congratulations to Dr. Babikow and the team for their diligent work studying the immune response in the oral cavity during early SARS-CoV-2 infection.


NEW PUBLICATION! Congratulations to the authors on their new publication exploring factors influencing orthodontic residency program selection. Check it out here.


NEW PUBLICATION! We just published our results on the influence of BMI percentile on craniofacial morphology and development in adolescents. Check it out here.


We are hiring! The Jacox Lab is looking to hire a motivated lab research technician to join our team starting January 2024. If interested, send your resume to


Dr. Bethany Doolittle, Dr. Julia Tobin and Dr. Amol Shah have now joined our lab to conduct research as part of their orthodontic residency program. Welcome to the Lab!


NEW PUBLICATION! We just published a manuscript on the longitudinal microbiome changes in supragingival biofilm transcriptomes induced by orthodontics. Check it out here.

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